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Sail Flag - Stand out in Style

Adaptable, Affordable and Vibrant ‐ the Sail Flag is the perfect event maker.

Effective both indoors and out, our Sail Flags fit neatly within a transport bag for easy relocation. Included in the purchase is one strong aluminium dived pole and welded top arm, a quality water-based digitally DYE printed Sail Flag, a vario drill to fix the system into the ground and a stylish transport bag to keep your solution mobile.


You won’t be spoiled for choice either, since each flag comes in many popular sizes ‐ Small (160cm x 85cm), Medium (270cm x 85cm) and Large (380cm x 85cm).


Our advanced printing methods ensure each of our flags is manufactured to the highest professional standard. Each Sail Flag is water-base digitally DYE printed in-house, resulting in peerless colour matching and vibrant hues and contrasts.


The Sail Flag is then carefully machine finished by in house professionals with a black heading to cover the pole ‐ other colours are available on request.


In order to meet all customers’ requirements each system can be bought without a flag in any size. You can also separately purchase one of our versatile bases, such as the X-base, ideal both indoor and out, or perhaps a car wheelbase, perfect for outdoor events and displays.

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Flag Height 1.60m 2.70m 3.80m
Flag Width 85.00cm 85.00cm 85.00cm
Total Height 225.00cm 335.00cm 445.00cm
Total Weight 2.50kg 3.00kg 3.50kg
1-2 £149.50 £189.50 £199.00
3-4 £134.50 £172.50 £195.00
5-9 £119.50 £148.50 £189.50
10-24 £105.00 £139.50 £175.00
25-49 £99.95 £125.00 £159.50
50-99 £92.50 £119.50 £139.50
100+ £84.50 £95.00 £99.00
Double Sided +£29.50 +£39.50 +£49.00

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