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Ground Spike - Simple yet Secure

Made from 19mm of zinc galvanized steel, this sturdy base comes as standard with all of our flags, and for good reason!
Designed to be easily pushed deep into soft to medium ground, it can hold up small, medium and large flags with ease. It also comes with a welded washer which allows free rotation, granting increased resistance to high winds.

Weight 3.00kg
Material Zinc Galvanised Steel
1-2 £7.50
3-4 £7.25
5-9 £7.25
10-24 £7.25
25-49 £7.00
50-99 £7.00
100+ £7.00


Unit Price:  

+ V.A.T 

Optional Extras

  • Feather Flag
    Sail Flag
    Wave Flag
    Dragon Sail Flag
    Festival Flag
    Sail Body Banner
  • Round Feather Flag
    Clipper Sail Flag
    Dragon Feather Flag
    Teardrop Flag
    Festival Sail Flag
    Teardrop Body Banner