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Returns Policy
General FAQ


  1. What Material are your flags made of?
  2. Our flags are made of 115 GSM (Grams per Square Metre) knitted polyester.

  3. What shape is most suitable for me?
  4. It really depends on what you’re displaying. Each shape promotes a different feeling, for instance ‐ the festival flag is very mobile and gives the impression of fun, whereas the clipper flag is often used in corporate design as it looks very sleek and serious.

  5. Which base will suit my flag choice?
  6. It really depends on where you’re displaying your flag. If it’s in soft ground then we recommend the Ground Spike, if the ground is hard then we recommend either the weighty rubber base or the convertible Waterbutt base. If you’re flag is displayed indoors then the foldable X-Base would be more suitable, or if it’s in a forecourt or at a car event then the Car Wheel Base is the obvious choice.

  7. Do I want double or single sided, and what’s the difference?
  8. When a flag is printed single side it is allowed maximum motion from the wind, making it more eye catching, and will feature a mirror of your design on the reverse of your flag (at approximately 95% bleedthrough).

    When a flag is double-sided it becomes heavier because it is composed of three flags sewn together, and your design will feature on both sides without a mirrored effect.

    This means that the choice you’re making is essentially accuracy vs. mobility.

  9. Is there an increased delivery charge if I order more than one flag?
  10. Yes - as the weight increases the price goes up. We aim for absolute transparency in our pricing structure, so this cost is clearly shown in your basket total.

  11. I need my orders now, can I get them delivered sooner?
  12. Yes, it is possible to get a rush order. However, this is very dependent on your artwork being signed off promptly before we can print and dispatch your flag. Please call us for rush order enquiries on
    0800 808 5136
  13. What guarantees do you offer on quality?
  14. We offer a 28 day full money back guarantee if your flag does not meet the highest standard. For full details please check Our Promise

  15. Are the flags machine-washable?
  16. Yes, in fact the flags are machine washed here before their delivered to you! If your flag is in need of a clean we recommend a 30 ° wash with a mild detergent.

  17. Can I fly my flags on a windy day?
  18. Flying any flags in high wind is never recommended as the flags will wear quickly and may take lasting damage.

    Artwork Submissions

  19. How do I submit my design?
  20. Once your order is placed you will be prompted to download your Artwork Submission Guide, which contains step by step instructions as to how to achieve the best results with your design and the appropriate template for your chosen flag shape.

  21. Why do I have to wait till I have ordered to send my artwork?
  22. Our printing department works around the clock to achieve excellence for our customers, with this in mind it’s important that when they get to work on your artwork they can move swiftly, without concerns about the commitment of the customer.

  23. What files do you accept?
  24. We accept many different file types, but there are certain programs that make the process run much smoother.

    Adobe Illustrator version 5.5 or lower and Coreldraw : These include .ai, .pdf, .eps and .cdr. Please make sure your artwork is set to half size and all fonts are set to outline. Please allow for 3cm of bleed around whole of the image.

    Adobe Photoshop 5.5 and lower types (.psd, .pdf, .tiff or high quality .jpeg). Flattening the image will reduce the file size so this is recommended, and please save artwork to half size of final print with a minimum resolution of 300dpi and allow for 3cm of bleed around whole of the image.

    Don’t have a clear image? Our in-house graphic s team can reproduce artwork that is unsuitable for print, or even make something from scratch to your specification. For more details about this or any other aspect please download our Artwork Submission Guide or call us on
    0800 808 5136
  25. CMYK mode and how to get there...
  26. To get more accurate colour matching your artwork should be submitted in CMYK, not RGB mode. This is a setting when using Photoshop or Illustrator. In the Photoshop top menu please select image > mode > CMYK color. In the Illustrator top menu please select File > Document Color Mode > CMYK color.

  27. Is my image large enough?
  28. Your Image should be half the size of the final print and have a resolution of 300dpi, so if your flag is 220cm high your image should be 110cm in height.

    We realise that this is not always possible, which is why we offer redraw your design in a suitable format at a minimal service charge. This charge is only added if your artwork cannot be redrawn in 15 minutes or under. Should this be the case we will contact you to confirm whether you’re happy to go ahead with this.

  29. Can you recreate a picture, logo or design?
  30. Yes, we provide an in-house graphic design team who are experts at recreating artwork quickly and efficiently. Full details and guidelines are included in our Artwork Submission Guide

  31. How can I get exact colour matching?
  32. Exact colour matching is achieved by providing pantone reference, either by supplying the colours in your artwork or by providing us with the pantone reference numbers.

    Pantones are a colour system of over 1200 colours developed by Pantone, Inc. The Pantone Matching System is a swatch book that describes colours by assigning them specific numbers, and is included in both Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator swatches panel.

  33. What is image bleed?
  34. The image bleed is the outer edge of your design. Wherever your design makes contact with the edge of the flag there’s a chance it could be cropped (cut smaller than it is). To counteract this it’s important to make your design slightly larger than the finished product. We require a 3cm bleed, which will be clearly marked by a dotted line on your template.

  35. Where can I get a template for my chosen flag?
  36. You can download your template from the Download div

    Premade Designs

  37. Is there an extra charge for a premade design?
  38. No. In fact, since we have the artwork prepared for print, premade designs are cheaper than custom designs, and can even be delivered faster!

  39. Can I request a design I have in mind?
  40. Yes, our in-house graphic team is highly skilled at producing whatever design you have in mind.  The guidelines for this are set out in our Artwork Specification Guide, or you can call our team on
    0800 808 5136
    and we can take you through the process.

  41. I like a design, but It’s not exactly what I wanted   - can I make some changes?
  42. Yes, you can make alterations to a premade design, but it will then be considered a custom design, subject to the conditions set out in our Artwork Submission Guide

    Flag Materials

  43. What are your flags made of?
  44. Our flags are made of 115 GSM (Grams per Square Metre) knitted polyester.

  45. Are your materials environmentally friendly?
  46. We are always looking for new ways to improve our environmental policies. We recycle or reuse a large portion of our flag material, use water based DYE to avoid toxicity and recycle our paper and mundane materials.

  47. What guarantees do I have on quality?
  48. We offer a 28 day full money back guarantee if your flag does not meet the highest standard. For full details please check Our Promise

    Delivery Information

  49. How long will my flag(s) take to arrive?
  50. Our standard delivery time is 7 working days ‐ this is subject to workload and begins from artwork sign off (when you have confirmed with us, after receiving a proof, that you are happy with the design and wish to go ahead to production)

  51. Is my delivery guaranteed?
  52. We use a third party courier service which varies according to the location of delivery, so we cannot fully guarantee the swiftness of delivery on a standard order ‐ however, we can guarantee that should your flag be damaged in transit you will be eligible for a full refund.

    If you are having difficulty with your order please let us know immediately so we can enquire after it.

  53. What if my flag is faulty/damaged when I receive it?
  54. When the flag arrives at your door please be sure to check the contents before you sign.
    We can usually offer a replacement flag if the contents were damaged in transit, or you’re missing a part, but the whole process is faster if you confirm the quality of your goods on delivery.

  55. I don’t have time to wait, can I get rush order?
  56. Yes, for an extra charge you can rush an order through production. For rush order enquiries please call our sales team.

  57. What is your returns policy?
  58. We offer a 28 day full money back guarantee if your flag does not meet the highest standard. For full details please check Our Promise

  59. How do I cancel an order?
  60. Please call our sales team to change or cancel any order currently open.

    Payment security

  61. How do I know my payment details are secure?
  62. We use a high-grade encryption to scramble your information before it is transmitted over the internet, making any it very difficult for unauthorized people to view information travelling between computers. You can use your browser to check our certificate by going to your basket and clicking “view page info”.

    We take the security of your information very seriously ‐ all our records taken by phone are shredded to the same level as the CIA and the National Security Agency. The cutting system can shred an A4 sheet in about 10,000 microchips which become completely unreadable even if special electronic optical microscopes are used.


  63. I don’t want to order online, how else can I order?
  64. You can order by phone on
    0800 808 5136
    . We are open 9am ‐ 5pm ,Monday to Friday. Our sales team will be happy to take your order.
  65. I plan to be a frequent buyer, can you offer me any benefits?
  66. After your 3rd purchase in a 6 month period, or if your ordering in substantial bulk orders, you will become eligible to receive a trade discount. Simply ring our sales team to claim your reductions.

    About the company

  67. It states you are “Part of the Hampshire Flag Company”, who are they?
  68. The Hampshire Flag Company is our ‘mother’ company. It was established over 30 years ago and produces hand sewn national and international flags, digitally printed flags, PVC banners, marine flags, bunting and table flags as well as offering a bespoke flag design service.

    An extensive range of flagpoles including Eco, Tapered, Glass fibre and heavy-duty poles is available, and a comprehensive Cafe Barrier, Banner and Event Flag range to suit many locations and occasions.

    As experts in the printing field and using industry leading equipment, the 25+ team at Hampshire Flag offers PVC, textile and vinyl printing services.

    We are based in Waterlooville, this firm is the recent winner of three prominent business awards including 'Small Business of the Year'.

  69. Where are you situated?
  70. We are based in Waterlooville, Hampshire. Our full address is:

    Hampshire Flag Company Ltd,
    Unit 11, Pipers Wood Industrial Park,
    Waterberry Drive,
    PO7 7XU

  71. Can I visit the company?
  72. Of course! We love having visitors. Whether you want to order face to face, peruse our stock or simply look around our doors are open 9am ‐ 5pm, Monday to Friday.

  73. Are your call centres based in England?
  74. Yes, we are based in Waterlooville, Hampshire. Our call centre is in-house.